Are you a hill taker, or a hill figure-outer in your accounting career?

hill taking

You might be wondering, is that even english?

Actually, no.

But I heard the question asked from the founding CEO of the online labor marketplace, oDesk. So what does it mean?

I immediately thought of the battle of Gettysburg to be honest, I’m no civil war historian, but I do remember some aspects of the battle. Back in those days, taking the hill was a huge goal for either side.

But the interesting part of this question is what role do you play in the battle? Are you the guy who leads the charge once the plan has been mapped out. Or are you guy who maps out the plan?

Both are needed, which are you?

You may be neither… What if you’re the inventor of guns, or the cook back at camp?

But the question is:

Who are you? What are you capable of? And most importantly, what are you great at?

I asked my wife what she initially thought I was a hill-taker. But I’m not so sure. I remember all those college years, I never ran up and asked a woman out. Not once. I always waited, listened, then found a way to make a connection.

Same thing at work. I was never the first person to act. I would alway sit back, listen, often let someone fail. Then suggest some changes or a way to do something better. That is what I believe I am best at, strategy…

The best part about the question is that it isn’t about being good or bad, it’s about self-discovery. It could even change over time.

What is the thing you’re the best at? Do that, and get other people to do everything else.

In my accounting career, I try not to waste time being something I’m not. I go deeper into who I truly am and fill the gaps with those around me!


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