Get Over 350 Accounting Clients Using Social Media [PODCAST] with Martin Gilchrist

Martin Gilchrist

Martin Gilchrist

I found Martin on Twitter, as strange as you may think that is, and he has one of the largest and most successful Twitter accounts of any accounting firm I’ve ever seen. The most impressive part is that only two people work at the firm! With over 33K Twitter followers and >350 accounting clients, Martin is a Partner at Gilchrist & Co in Belfast, Ireland.

He was a ton of fun to have on the show! He has clients all over the world and has done lots of his business on social media. Martin also talked about his philosophy that 20% of his firm’s time should be dedicated to high growth potential projects, not related to the core business.

This is a fantastic story of how, with the right mindset, a small group of people can have a tremendous impact on an industry. Martin also shared a great quote with us:

“If you think you can, or if you think you can’t, you’re right.”


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