5 Side Hustles All Accountants Should Consider


I recently was sent an email from a fellow Bean Counter follower asking me for advice on how to bring in side income as an accountant.

I started listing out some ideas for bringing in a few extra bucks, on top of your regular job, and realized that there are tons of opportunities out there.

I decided to list out what I think are the top 5 Side Hustles Any Accountant Can Pick Up (Income Producing Activities) that I believe all accountants should consider picking up. Here they are…

1. Become a Quickbooks/Xero Pro

Most small businesses are using basic accounting software to help keep things organized. Whether it’s Quickbooks, Xero or Sage, companies are jumping on board this software and getting more in the details of how accounting works. Hence, opportunities for accountants to help these small businesses out.

If you are looking to start your own accounting firm, or want to see what it’s like to have clients, I highly recommend jumping on board as a Xero Pro or Quickbooks Pro Advisor. If you become certified in these softwares, there is an opportunity for you to use their database to find work/clients.

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2. Utilize Craigslist For Accounting Side Gigs, Seriously

If you are currently looking for an accounting job, full time or part time, to gain experience in the industry, I would highly recommend checking out Craigslist Accounting & Finance section. Various companies pay to put out a job ad through Craigslist in hopes of maybe finding a good candidate.

Though there might be a lot of applicants, chances of finding someone good is slim. Therefore, if you are a strong candidate, with a great resume, you have a much higher chance of picking up a side accounting job in your area.

Just a quick search for Orlando Craigslist, there are over 100+ accounting/bookkeeping jobs listed.

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3. Become A Remote Accountant Through Upwork/Elance

It wasn’t until recently when I was told that there are remote accounting jobs posted daily on freelance platforms such as Upwork.com, Freelancer.com or Elance.com.

There are a wide variety of job postings from basic bookkeeping to high level audit/tax experience needed. I typed in Bookkeeping today into Upwork and here is what came up so far…

There are the same opportunities on Elance and Freelancer, you just have to sign up with a free account to look.

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4. Jump On Board The Shared Economy

Right now, the new “Shared Economy” is booming with tons of opportunities for individuals to make side incomes. From offering up a room in your home, to driving people around town to even offering up a car you don’t even use, there are plenty of ways you can make additional income in the “Shared Economy” space. Here are some examples…

Hopefully by now you are fully aware of Airbnb.com. For those of you who are still stuck in the accounting textbooks, Airbnb is a website where you can rent out individuals entire homes, private rooms or shared space.

Airbnb is making a dent in the Hotel industry as people are now choosing to rent out an entire home, with a full kitchen and multiple rooms, over a small crappy hotel room with a mini fridge that smells musty.

If you have an extra room in your home or are planning on going on vacation, check out Airbnb.com to rent out your home during that time.

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  • Spend Your Weekends As A Uber/Lyft Driver

Need something to do on the weekends, that could actually make you money instead of spending it? Check out Lyft.com or Uber.com and become a taxi driver, from your own car.

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When signing up for these services, you will become a part of this mobile app that will direct you where to go and who to pick up. You can be specific on who you choose as your client or riders, just to make sure that you feel comfortable. There is also a review system in place for the driver and rider so you can get a very clear picture on who is taking part in these services.

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This is actually something my wife got on board doing, and really loved it. She signed up to be a Dog Walker, and received requests for dog walking visits in the mornings, before work, and in the evenings.

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After 1 month of being on both sites, she racked up 7 reoccurring clients and was quickly making $600-$700/mo, walking dogs. Plus, I’m allergic to all animal fur, so this gave her a chance of being around dogs, without getting me sick. Win-Win!

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  • Sell Your Old Stuff On Ebay

How many random items and gadgets do you have sitting around your household, not using? For us, we identified a GoPro, IPad (as we both have Macs), Suits, Golf Clubs, Kitchenaid, amongst other things that we decided we no longer needed. Total value sold on Ebay/Craigslist = $1100.

Do an audit of your stuff, figure out the valuable items that you do not use or even look at any more and put them up for auction. Who knows, maybe something you think is worthless will be worth a lot to someone else.

Instead of driving someone around, and trying to make a few bucks, you can offer up the parked car that hasn’t moved for months in your driveway.

It’s called RelayRides.com where you can rent out your car, just like Airbnb. Plus, if you need a gift idea for someone who wants to, let’s say drive in a Porsche for a day”, you can rent it out on RelayRides.

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5. Give Accounting Help/Advice Through Fiverr

If you haven’t already heard of the website called Fiverr.com, take my advice and head over to their website now. You will notice thousands of services and products offered for a total of $5. Need someone to write an article for you, $5. Need a voiceover for a new Video you’re creating, $5 bucks.

As an accountant, you too can jump on the $5 bandwagon by offering services such as accounting tutoring to even bookkeeping. Plus, as the level of difficulty and time of the project increases, so does the amount of money your customer will need to pay.

Here are some examples just by typing in accounting.

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Are you currently making additional side income using your accounting skills? If so, share in the comments what you are doing and how it’s going for you!

  • randykirk

    What about doing accounting/bookkeeping for others who are doing AirBnB et al?