10 Essentials Every First Year Needs In Their Backpack! (Audit and Tax)

Overhead of business woman accessories.

While #3 shouldn’t even have to be on a list like this, I’ve seen it.

Yes, I have.

A budding new hire is so jazzed to get to the office in the morning and hit the workpaper file, he forgets…..

His computer.

While partners can ‘audit by iPhone’, that usually just because they never learned to actually use a computer.

No luck for you though, we know you grew up with a laptop so don’t forget it!

Here are the other 10 Essentials Every First Year Needs In Their Backpack (Audit and Tax):

Overhead of business woman accessories.

1. Gum

While your boyfriend may think it’s cute, nobody can survive a 12 hour workdays with 5 cups of coffee, three snacks, and two meals without deathly breath, bring the gum. Your fellow conference room members will thank you for it. Oh, and the client your interrogating all day.

Overhead of business woman accessories.

2. One pencil with an eraser

While some people disagree with me on this one, I’m right. Any true accountant has a pencil with an eraser. No pens. True accounts are ready to erase the unnecessary at any moment! Pen strokes live forever, pencil can be whisked away!

Overhead of business woman accessories.

3. Your computer and charger

Obvious reasons as noted above.

Overhead of business woman accessories.

4. Phone & charger

There is nothing worse than being out of state, with a rental car, and realizing, “It’s 9pm and everyone’s gone. Shit. My phone isn’t charged and it’s a 15 minute drive to the hotel. Do I really have to print out a map!!??!”

Overhead of business woman accessories.

5. Your lunch

If you’re looking to get home before the roosters coo (yes, I’m from Oklahoma), you’ll want to work the hour over lunch. It may result in more work, but your year end review and wallet will thank me.

Overhead of business woman accessories.

6. Snacks

I like auditing. A lot. But a guy can only take so many weeks in a row of working 12-15 hour days without some snacks. Fruit, nuts, granola bars, chocolate, whatever your fancy, pack it!

Overhead of business woman accessories.

7. At least two water bottles

Main reason? Water fountains are disgusting. I always imagine the kid (Johnny in my case) I saw in 3rd grade who put his mouth on the spicket did it right before I got there. Even if it’s 15 years later and I’m inside a fortune 100 firm office. Little Johnny scarred me for life.

But in all seriousness, coffee and stress can take a toll on your body. Keep the kidney happy, drink up.

Overhead of business woman accessories.

8. A notepad

My favorite thing is when I see someone who has worked at the firm less than a year show up without a note pad. I think, “Really. Do you think you can magically remember everything in this meeting when I still can’t understand every third word from this derivatives accountant?”

Even if you don’t need it, people respect someone who puts in effort. Taking notes at least gives that appearance.

Oh and yes, taking notes on your iPhone or iPad is weird….

Overhead of business woman accessories.

9. A sweater

If you are really looking to get crazy, you can bring a space heater like my wife. Or a snuggie. But I’m not kidding, if you don’t have at least a jacket, you will FREEZE. I don’t know how some people live the iceboxes of these corporate offices. I did it, with layers.

Overhead of business woman accessories.

10. Credit card for coffees and dinners

While I’m generally against credit cards, some firms give everyone a card. Whether it’s the debit or credit, have it. When you’re the first year, you will be making team dinner and coffee runs. Enjoy it while it lasts. That means 2-3 hours less of work each day and a trip outside the conference room. One day, you’ll be begging to make the coffee run. But if you forget your card, and someone else has to make the run, everyone remembers. Few people forget the person that screwed up the “getting food objective” for the day.

So there you have it. You have these 10 essentials, and you’re ready for anything public accounting can throw at you!